Top 10 Best Fleshlight Sex Toys On The Market In 2022 – Reviews & Best Prices Online

what is a fleshlight


At A Glance: Our Quick Top 4 Picks for Fleshlight Sleeve Textures

Stamina Training Unit
  • Replicates the sensations of sexual relations and forces you to be better in bed
  • Will train you to last like a pornstar
  • Best experienced with GUN OIL H2O WATER BASED LUBE
Elsa Jean's Fleshlight
  • Tight & cleverly design Elsa Jean pussy mold.
  • One-size fits all!
  • Best experienced with GUN OIL H2O WATER BASED LUBE
Fleshlight Destroya
  • Very tight and intense texture will make you cum like a champion
  • The ultimate 360 degrees massage to your penis
  • Best experienced with GUN OIL H2O WATER BASED LUBE
Fleshlight Turbo
  • Realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex
  • Discreet & Easy to Hide
  • Best experienced with GUN OIL H2O WATER BASED LUBE

Looking for male sex toys online can become a long, drawn-out process that ends in little more than an expensive disappointment.

In fact, it’s often downright bullshit and it’s time for that to stop. Us dirty-minded dudes need something of high-quality to cram our junk into – the secret dick divas that we are.

Nobody wants to cum into a tube sock no matter what they tell you; and the folks who fuck fruits and vegetables need professional help. Thanks to some of the most innovative pervs in the industry, there are plenty of good gaping holes to explore.

However, finding that shit quickly sometimes feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s maddening, saddening, and . . . well, lame as a motherfucker.

You’re already shopping for fake vaginas online while in a dark and dingy room.

You don’t need any more help being perceived as a creep. So, if you’re going to do this shit, you should do it the right way.

No more of that “settling” bullshit. Quit staring at the women’s toys with jealous disdain in your eyes.

The time of the man is now, and the era of Fleshlight has just begun.

What the Hell is Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight brand is well-known for its wide variety of male masturbators and innovative accessories. Their inventory is fucking enormous, so shopping on the site can be overwhelming, especially for a newbie.

And reading customer reviews won’t help because opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got one.

You’ll end up sifting through pages of personal preference stories and loads of TMI before ending up exactly where you started – with no goddamn idea which model to buy. The struggle is real.

When we first encountered the brand, we felt that same way (and we’re professionals at this shit).

So, don’t feel like a dork if you don’t know what to fleshlight 2018

Just do us a favor and don’t make the same mistake we did: wasting too much time on the decision-making process and thereby reducing the amount of time you have to enjoy your new toy before the next best thing comes out.

There’s a science to this shit, folks. Better get it while it’s hot.

Did you know that there have been over 100 different textures invented by Fleshlight?

While that number includes the famous Fleshlight Girls lineup, it also includes weird shit like the Freaks division and the damn near medical-grade Stamina Training Unit.

There’s literally something for everyone, and the brand ships to almost anywhere in the world.

This American born company is truly a global enterprise, but there is no buying guide for the fuck sticks in their impressively expansive inventory.

So, we’ve decided to change that. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Why Is It So Hard To Select The Best Fleshlight Texture On The Market?

Simply hopping online and picking out your brand new & best Fleshlight isn’t as straightforward as it seems, or as easy as your last girlfriend.

However, what it lacks in simplicity it more than makes up for in price.

The average full-size Fleshlight (sans accessories) costs around $80 – not bad for a sex toy that’s been meticulously designed so as to seem almost customized to your cock.most intense fleshlight texture

But therein lies the problem: the complex customization process that can turn into a naughty nightmare. While it’s totally possible to make a few clicks and cop a new toy for your dick, we don’t advise doing that shit by any means.

The Fleshlight brand’s lineup is far too amazing to be handling it with such blatant disregard. That’s a rookie move if we ever saw one.

With choices like textured and non-textured, oral, anal, and vaginal orifices, and fantasy-based models that are literally out of this world, refusing to take your time on this purchase is a mighty mistake. You’ve got to respect the pussy, my brothers.

That doesn’t mean this shit needs to be harder than you are, nor does it mean you need to spend hours on your shopping trip.

That’s just asinine, and we’re not about that life.

So, we have taken it upon ourselves to simplify the process so that more of our fellows can get to fucking faster.

After all, there are few things worse than being forced to wait before you can rub one out when you really need it (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

The problem isn’t entirely the fault of the Fleshlight brand. Buying a brand-new sex toy is an extremely personal purchase, so don’t let us get too bossy here.

At the same time, keep in mind that we have tested and reviewed each and every one of the toys in their inventory, plus we’ve done so objectively and while also testing toys developed by rival brands.

In short, we know what the fuck we’re talking about here.

Full of eye candy and enticing promotional banners, picking out a new toy on the brand’s site can be flabbergasting regardless of whether this is your first or fifteenth Fleshlight.

So, we’ve kindly created this guide to help people like you figure shit out when finding the best fleshlight texture for yourself.

You’re welcome.

Our Top 10 Best Fleshlight Textures In 2022:

As far as the types of Fleshlights go, there are quite a few once again.

Pick your type and then begin customizing, and soon you will have a masturbator worth writing home about (although we’re not sure your mothers want to hear about this).

To further simplify things for your horny, impatient asses, we’ve compiled a list of the main types of Fleshlights with the hope that you will get the most bang for your buck in the quickest way possible:

#1. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit – Best Fleshlight Overall


Tired of being a two-pump chump? The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) could provide the solution you seek. It’s a lightweight manual masturbator for men, and it uses an extreme texture to coax your cum.

The developers of this toy made sure it stimulated the most sensitive spots on your shaft, causing an explosion every time.

This durable device is also compatible with the Universal Launch automatic stroking machine.

Turn your favorite toy into a sex robot and experience hands-free endurance enhancements with vivid visuals.

The STU by itself is perfect for solo stimulation and preparing for orgasm. It even has a twist base to help you control the suction and track your progress.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: Experience noticeable stamina improvement with regular use.

CON: This toy forces ejaculation, so it might not be suitable for foreplay.

#2. Fleshlight Universal Launch Elsa Jean Pack


Combine two of the hottest forces in personal pleasure with the Fleshlight Universal Launch and the Elsa Jean male stroker.

This dynamic duo produces an array of unique sensations, with each one at your beckoned call. You can enjoy hands-free masturbation, manual solo sessions, couple’s play, or interactive fun without interruption.

The Universal Ratcheting System ensures a tight hold as the Launch strokes at variable speeds.

You can also determine different stroke lengths, adjust the intensity levels, and tailor the suction through a twist base on the manual glider.

Then sync the machine via Bluetooth to experience a real-time session with Elsa Jean or one of her sexy friends.


  • Fully Submersible in Water (Stroker), Splashproof (Machine)
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You can use this device when the battery runs out by plugging it into the wall.

CON: The universal smartphone mount isn’t compatible with large screen tablets.

#3. Fleshlight Destroya – Most Intense Fleshlight Sleeve


Big fan of Toya the Destroya? Aren’t we all?

The Fleshlight company understands our obsession, so they made a uniquely molded toy designed to get us as close to the real thing as possible.

This device features a canal identical to hers, giving you mind-blowing experiences one stroke at a time.

The casing features a discreet design and ergonomic grip for manual play. It also has a twist-end suction control setting to help you tailor sensations and fulfill the fantasy.

Pop yours into the Universal Launch machine for virtual reality sessions unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

BONUS: Toya signed the sleeve, so it’s technically a collectible.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You can use this stroker with the shower mount or Universal Launch for hands-free sex.

CON: The skin-like sleeve isn’t interchangeable like other Fleshlight masturbators.

#4. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust


The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is a handheld male masturbator designed to help you fulfill fantasies and experiment with sensations.

Plus, it features a non-anatomical opening to ensure maximum use of your imagination. The device also has a textured canal to engulf your penis while simulating oral sex.

This sturdy yet lightweight penis stroker offers three insertion points and a transparent casing to help you watch the show.

Use it solo or slide it into the new Universal Launch automatic Bluetooth machine for hands-free, interactive fun.

Turbo Thrust is perfect for traveling and can keep up with even the most extreme water sports.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Soft Plastic

PRO: it acts as a much-needed wildcard in your sex-pleasure collection.

CON: The intense suction can make it challenging to manually stroke with this toy.

#5. Fleshlight Flight Pilot – Most Discreet Fleshlight


This lightweight, compact, discreet masturbator for men is the industry standard for male pleasure.

It features a simple design, an ergonomic casing, and the kind of texture to make your toes curl. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot puts you in the cockpit with a twisty base to help you control suction and customize sensations.

Inside the canal is a realist material with 6 inches of insertable space. Nubs and tendrils tickle your penis as you thrust in and out of the non-anatomical opening.

Use it alone or hand it over to a partner for a stealth mission and some erotic aerodynamics. This toy puts you back in the driver’s seat.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Soft Plastic

PRO: You can use an adapter or mount to enjoy this device hands-free.

CON: It is not compatible with the Fleshlight Universal Launch automatic stroking machine.

#6. Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse – Most Compact Fleshlight


Horny men require convenience and quality, just like dudes with low libidos.

Guys want to satisfy their urges on the go, and the Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse lets them do that.

Not only is it transparent for stimulating visuals, but it’s also lined with an extreme texture to help you to the finish line faster.

This open-ended SuperSkin sensation features two end caps to ensure maximum cleanliness and convenient storage.

The FQP is lightweight, compact, and perfect for traveling, long-distance relationships, and endurance training.

You can even use it for couples’ play if your partner is willing.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Soft Plastic

PRO: The entire device can fit inside most moderate-sized bags for discreet toting.

CON: You might have to remove the sleeve from its casing if your penis is too large.

#7. Fleshlight Turbo Core


Experience the kind of kink that makes your cock stand at attention. Use the Fleshlight Turbo Core to dive deep into your dick’s nerve centers and pull out a powerful punch.

This uniquely designed male masturbator harnesses a patented design with multiple insertion points and a one-of-a-kind sleeve texture.

Together, it all delivers something you’ve never felt before.

Thrust into a multi-layered canal with delicate details on each one.

Then catch your cock by surprise as it glides past a scientifically developed pattern that targets your frenulum.

The FTC provides earth-shattering pleasure that mimics oral sex and is perfect for solo sessions, partner play, or anything else you can imagine.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Soft Plastic

PRO: You can use this device for stamina training, foreplay, or ultimate gratification.

CON: The intense suction may be challenging for some users to manage.

#8. Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Riley Reid Pack


The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is cool enough on its own. But combine it with the Riley Reed molded stroker, and there’s a party in everyone’s pants.

This automatic male pleasure machine runs at speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute.

Meanwhile, the super-soft sleeve features a texture identical to one of your favorite porn stars.

Sync your device via Bluetooth to a massive online database. Then experience real-time erotica with Mr. Reed indeed.

You can mount your smartphone to the top, hold on with both hands, and let the sex robot do the rest. Manually control it or use your phone as a wireless remote.

This is going to escalate quickly.


  • Fully Submersible in Water (Stroker), Splashproof (Machine)
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You can use each device with or without the other for customized play.

CON: The additional stroker attachments are sold separately.

#9. Fleshlight Quickshot Turbo


This is the new and improved version of the most popular compact Fleshlight masturbator.

The Quickshot Turbo features updated engineering to ensure maximum overdrive regardless of location.

It’s also a pocket-sized cock rocket suitable for snug sucking and quality quickies on the go.

Enjoy open-ended fun and unlimited sessions with this lightweight, compact, and simple device. Experience the patented suspended entry ring system for toe-curling pleasure and turbo-charged convenience.

This sex toy is perfect for personal enjoyment, partner play, or otherwise.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Soft Plastic

PRO: This sleeve pairs perfectly with the Fleshlight Quickshot Bluetooth Stroking Machine.

CON: The open-ended design doesn’t envelop your penis the way closed sleeves do.

#10. Fleshlight Pink Lady Classic – Most Realistic Fleshlight Texture


Sometimes, simple pleasures are the best ones in life. The Fleshlight Pink Lady Classic Masturbator is an example of that.

This toy still maintains a healthy fanbase in a world filled with fancy penis strokers. It offers a silky-smooth interior that flies in the face of everything you expect sex to be.

With patented SuperSkin material and a temperature-responsive core, this little lady feels just like the real thing.

You’ll probably want to thrust deep into the 9-inch canal, so bring plenty of water-based lube. Then conceal your dirty secret inside the discreet carrying case until next time.

A lady knows how to wait.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • No Charging Required
  • Skin-Safe Soft Plastic

PRO: This device features realistic orifice detailing for exceptional visuals.

CON: The texture-free sleeve might not offer enough stimulation to some men.

Starting from Scratch: Exploring the Basics Of The Best Fleshlight Models

This toy is actually made using several well-appointed components, although there is no degree in engineering required to take it apart for cleaning and sleeve swapping.fleshlight parts

Simple and elegant, the average Fleshlight is comprised of four click-together parts: the sleeve, its casing, the end-cap, and the protective top-cap which guards the SuperSkin material and the opening from damage and debris.

Just don’t be fooled by imitators; there are a ton of them out there.

Just because the brand has become a household name doesn’t mean that all masturbators for men can be called a “Fleshlight.”

This generic term may throw you off the boat, but we’ve got a life jacket.

There are a lot of good reasons for the brand’s fame, and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Fleshlight is constantly coming out with new models and improved versions of their existing inventory, and the high quality of their manufacturing is obvious at first glance (especially when it’s sitting next to one of its competitor’s products).

The standard Fleshlight is super solid and it measures a healthy 10 inches (25cm) long and a little more than 3.5 inches (9.5 cm) wide – ideal for you big dick-having sons of bitches.

On the same token, the measurements and overall design of the Fleshlight make it perfect for Tiny Tims as well. 🙂

While to some folks that may seem too large, there are a shit ton of advantages to owning a toy of this magnitude.

The dimensions allow for natural-feeling movement of the textured sleeve during masturbation, which mimics the movements of the human body and further exacerbates the sexy sensations (even and especially for hefty penises). These motherfuckers have thought of everything.

No seriously, they’ve even invented an automatic machine that links up with whatever Fleshlight model you own (or with the Kiiroo Onyx or Pearl) to provide people with a wild, high-tech ride.

It’s called the Launch and it’s fucking amazing. It syncs with Bluetooth and drives itself through virtual porn and live sex sessions with remote partners in real-time, plus it’s compatible with Oculus Rift and other VR devices. If you don’t already own one, or if you have a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, get yourself a Launch.

You will NOT be sorry. We promise.


Unsheathe the Top Fleshlight Sleeves

Back to the basics: the sleeves of these bitches come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. In fact, the Fleshlight Ice is completely transparent for you nasty voyeurs out there, and the “Freaks” lineup resembles alien and werewolf pussy if you can believe it.

Even better is that once you buy your first model it’s possible to purchase only the interchangeable sleeves from then on.

However, we suggest opting for the full kit and caboodle because each model is designed specifically to work in tandem with its own casing (plus, the shit is crazy affordable and is viewed as a collectible in some circles).

Inside the ergonomically perfect and relatively lightweight outer casing that famously resembles a standard flashlight, a Fleshlight toy is little more than a textured masturbation sleeve.

The sleeve, which is a hollowed-out, highly textured tube made out of the brand’s patented SuperSkin material, is created to feel as life-like as possible.

There is even an entire collection molded after the mouths, pussies, and asses of the world’s top porn stars.

What will they think of next?

Oh yeah, Fleshlight even has a few Sex in A Can (SAIC) products which look like regulatory beer cans and use the brand’s famous material for the inside just like the standard versions do.fleshlight ice

These Fleshlight bastards are masters of disguise, despite their tiny mistake of slapping a huge and somewhat telltale label on the side of those cans.

Then again, it’s not like Pilsner was going to offer up their label for Fleshlight to use, and without one the can looks oddly conspicuous.

So, we appreciate the compromise, even if the standard full-size models are where the party really is.

Regardless of your choice of toy, you will soon be enjoying what’s commonly referred to as “the most realistic feeling shit known to man.”

Okay, so we’re the only ones who say that, but still. The SuperSkin material we keep talking about is what made Fleshlight so famous, so it’s certainly worth mentioning.

Use the brand’s sleeve warmer and voila! It feels almost exactly like real sex. Add in the hands-free fun of the Launch and you can pack your lover’s bags and place them by the door.

To the left, to the left.

There are a ton of extras and accessories to boost your manly morale, but the most important part of the Fleshlight is the sleeve.

Even if you have a Launch or are planning on getting one, you’ll still want to explore the texture options of the various sleeves available to you. The volume of your sex toy arsenal is not nearly as essential as the variety within it.

That, dear Watson, is the spice of life.

Skin Care Tips

Super skin requires super maintenance, right? Apparently not. Caring for your Fleshlight sleeve was made entirely too easy by the manufacturer – requiring little more than a splash of water.

The brand sells toy cleaner and a type of preservation powder, and while that shit is not necessary, it certainly prolongs the life of your toy.

Don’t be a cheap ass. Get you some.

Also, it’s of paramount importance that you keep your toy (namely your sleeve) protected by a covering at all times when not in use.

That material, albeit natural feeling, can become sticky when it’s not lubed properly. This causes it to gather lint and other debris, some of which isn’t entirely visible.

Bacteria and mold can grow on it too (how’s that for real?), so don’t forget to clean it thoroughly when you’re done with your come-down cigarette.

Fleshlight Textures, Glorious Textures

Enough about the sleeves being important and how awesome the material is.

Let’s discuss the second most important part of the Fleshlight: the textures. Holy variety, Batman.

This is where a lot of good men go down, lost in a sea of sexual healing with no clue about the best medicine.

The brand has introduced at least 100 unique sleeves to the market at this point, ranging from pretty standard to downright fucked up.

Depending on your sexual appetite (or the occasion), Fleshlight probably has something in stock that will suit your needs.

They’re like the Build-a-Bear for sex toys, and we think that’s adorable.

While a few of the original sleeve textures have since been discontinued, their replacements are far superior.

There are still a gagglefuck of textures ranging from hyper-realistic (Classic) to ultra-intense (Stamina Training Unit – STU) to sci-fi (Freaks) and beyond (Fleshlight Girls and Launch).

A few of the brand’s most popular textures are cross-bred with one another to form super unique sensations.

For example, the Lotus Node texture is combined with the Heavenly, Primal, and Zombie textures to create a magic trick that juices your dick like it’s an orange.

There is a spiraling zig-zag of bumps and ridges in the Vortex texture as well, which can be found combined with the Bump n’ Grind sleeve from the Fleshlight Girls lineup.

So, you can either do this the easy way or the hard way: try out a few Fleshlight textures to find the one that’s right for you, or get to know your family jewels so you can make an educated decision.

Open Wide: Fleshlight Orifices and Orgasms

As if that weren’t enough variety for 10 people, Fleshlight also offers an array of orifices to get the party started, including one that looks like a futuristic cyborg pussy, a line of extraterrestrial twats, and even a vampire mouth that comes complete with fangs (we’re not even kidding).

If that’s not enough to appease your outrageously erotic appetites, there’s also a double clitoris, you needy bastards.

Choosing the opening to your masturbator is purely an act of personal preference.

Each one adds its own element of visual appeal, and the Fleshlight Girls collection even features autographs from the porn stars who inspired them (for those of you who collect).

Most models have a mouth, pussy, or ass-shaped orifice, and the majority of them are compatible with the interchangeable sleeves.

The orifice won’t change how your toy functions unless you want it to, nor will it negate the effectiveness of the sleeve’s texture.

While some of the specialty orifices are limited to a few of the classic textures, most of them are not.

Be sure to determine those details prior to falling in love with any of their toys or you could be sorry.

Picking the Top Fleshlight Sleeve: A Quick How-To Guide

With so many choices and so little time, it can be difficult to pick out the Fleshlight toy of your dreams. Have no fear; cue the heroic music because we are here.

Fortunately for you, most of the brand’s lineup is amazing and all their toys are fun to use.

But before you get too deep inside the rabbit hole, be sure to consider a few important things about yourself and the toy (or toys) you’re about to buy.

Going into this shit all willy-nilly will end up breaking your heart and your bank account.

It’s our pleasure to help you pleasure yourself better.

These are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best Fleshlight model:

  • Your penis size
  • Your penis sensitivity
  • Your need for visual stimulation
  • Your time limits
  • Your level of depravity
  • Your preferred orifice
  • Your budget
  • Your storage options
  • Your dignity

To determine where you stand, ask yourself the following questions:

  • When nobody is looking, is my penis small, average, or large?
    • The average size of an erect penis is approximately 5.5-6.5 inches (14-16 cm) in length and 4.7-5.1 inches (12-13 cm) in girth.
  • Do I like slow and sensual masturbation or quick and intense sessions?
    • The more texturized the toy’s sleeve and more customizable the features, the more likely you are to climax quickly.
  • Do I need to see something sexy when I’m jerking it or does my imagination suffice?
    • The visual stimulation provided by some of the brand’s VR-compatible options are as close to the real thing as it gets.
  • Do I have a nasty or unusual fantasy that I’d like to fulfill in the privacy of my own home or with an equally perverted partner?
    • The attention paid to the fetish, fantasy, and couple’s play customers is outstanding.
  • Do I prefer a mouth, pussy, or asshole for my toy’s orifice?
    • The majority of Fleshlight toys can be used with all three available orifices, but double check just to be sure.
  • Do I get off easily or is my stamina that of a raging bull?
    • The variety of stamina improving toys in their lineup is impressive, and most of them are compatible with a majority of the brand’s accessories, orifices, and sleeves.
  • Do I have the money for this shit?
    • The quick answer is, “Yes you do.” But for those who second-guess the value of investing in their depravity, think of this: the average Fleshlight costs approximately $80 and it even comes with a warranty. Your partner can’t say that.
  • Do I have room to store this thing when my parents come over?
    • The Fleshlight brand does a good job at creating innovative sex toys, but not every product in their inventory comes with proper storage bags or boxes.
  • Do I have to explain my purchases to anyone?
    • The company does a good job at sending their products in unmarked packaging, and online purchases are protected by encryption.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all Fleshlight (unless you want to count the Launch), the best way to determine your ideal model is by considering your own personal preferences.

Reading reviews from customers can only get you so far. We suggest depending on the pros (like us) for the most accurate, objective, and dependable information.

May We Suggest . . .

Over the years, we have become admitted fans of the Fleshlight brand.

However, that doesn’t mean we kiss anyone’s ass, nor is it indicative of our lack of indifference.

We couldn’t care less whether Fleshlight sells a single product. What we care about is your libido and your ability to satisfy it.

Blue balls are no joke; we hear you, brothers.

With that said, we have a few recommendations for you because we’re nice guys like that.

We could sit back and watch as you fall off the deep end, but where’s the fun in that?

The world is a much better place when men’s stomachs are full and their balls are empty.

So, narrowing down the ideal & top Fleshlight model is a no-brainer.

Here’s are our top 5 suggestions in terms of Best Fleshlight models:

  • The Stamina Training Unit – for those of you who need to work on your play book a bit.
  • The Launch – for anyone who enjoys hands-free masturbation, virtual reality, real-time porn, or long-distance couple’s play. So, pretty much everybody.
  • The Fleshlight Girls Collection – for shithead stalkers who want nothing more than to climb inside their favorite fuck bunny.
  • The Quickshot – for lazy gluttons who want a quickie without the commitment of cleanup.
  • The Ice – for self-loving bastards who want to watch their dick get what it deserves.

Picking out a proper sleeve is important as well. The intensity level of the sleeve you choose is dependent upon two main factors: the texture and the tightness. Fleshlight offers a super-tight sleeve but we think it lacks pizazz.

As mentioned, personal preference plays a huge role in the selection of a sex toy. To be honest, anything can be tight is squeezed enough; the presence of various pressure points along the more textured sleeves is what we’re fans of the most.

Although there are too many options to reveal here, we do have a few suggestions in that regard as well.

Here are our top 5 (ok, 7) texture favorites:

  • The Original – for a simple man who doesn’t like all that frilly, fancy shit.
  • The Fleshlight Girls Collection – for fans of professional porn stars, or for dudes who can appreciate a good texture density and tightness combo.
    • The Obsession
    • The Destroya
  • The Vortex – for guys who figure they can give themselves a better blowjob than anyone else.
  • The Primal – for men who want to feel like a sex-crazed caveman when they cum.
  • The Wonder Wave – for anime geeks.

Now, we don’t expect you to take our word for it without backing it up. We took a scientific approach to this shit, because orgasms. Here is why we made the suggestions we did:

The Original

A cult classic, the Original sleeve is good to go on so many levels. While the texture is minimal at best, the smooth interior, supremely crafted tightness, and creamy color are on point.

Made from the brand’s famous SuperSkin material, it has all the qualities of a comfortable booty call with no strings attached.

The Fleshlight Girls Collection

Disclaimer: While all the sleeves featured in the Fleshlight Girls Collection are goddamn amazing, we would be liars if we didn’t say we had favorites.

Rest assured that you will not be disappointment regardless of which F.G. sleeve you buy, but if you want to have a really good time, take our advice:

*Obsession, by Jenna Haze

Featuring a ribbed mold of famous porn star, Jenna Haze, this sleeve’s texture is one-of-a-kind to put it lightly.

There are two different texture options for this bad boy, and each one is compatible with the brand’s accessory stock, including the Launch which features access to pre-recorded Jenna Haze sex sessions that can be relived in real-time.

*The Destroya, by Stoya

This killer texture looks nothing like a vagina, mouth, or ass, but it feels like the real thing anyway.

Hailed as one of the most realistic textures from the brand, the Destroya features side chambers for improved suction, plenty of beautiful bumps and fangs, and it even has a concave construction that gives the illusion of tightness during full insertion.

This shit is great when used with the Launch too, if we’re honest, but then again, we could say that about all of the F.G. sleeves.

The Vortex

With more than enough twists, turns, and texturing, the Vortex feels almost the same as a great blowjob – curling tongue and all. It comes in all three orifices, but we think it works wonderfully with the mouth for obvious reasons.

Either way, the effects of the design are powerful yet gentle, so we call it the most efficient sleeve in the lineup if that counts for anything.

The Primal

This big guy is quite a bit wider than most of the rest. In fact, we think it’s a terrific match for men whose nickname in high school was “Girth Brooks.” The Primal takes shit back to the basics, with a gentle and organic yet powerful and pleasurable texture that’s pretty much perfect for uncircumcised dicks.

Featuring long, tender bumps and dual Lotus nodes, penetrating the Primal is downright thirst-quenching.

The Wonder Wave

The Wonder Wave sleeve texture is clean and mean, with a semi-uniform pattern that feels like a cock car wash.

The bumps and nodes are widely spaced with diligently placed curves and waves, providing a self-perpetuating suction effect during insertion and expulsion. In other words, this bitch works wonders on your junk with minimal effort from your worn-out forearms.

Where To Buy The Top Fleshlights Online?

Due to fleshlight being the most popular male sex toy on the planet, be advised that there are a lot of chinese fakes flying around.

We suggest you buying it from the official fleshlight website only.


Dick-a-Licious Disclaimers

Keep in mind that the more intense the texture is the quicker you’ll be benched for intermission. Extreme textures aren’t suitable for everyone.

There shouldn’t be any shame in your game.

Additionally, intense sleeves are great for uncircumcised men who desire a boost in the penis/corona stimulation department.

However, that shit can be incredibly overwhelming (even painful) for newbies, so buyer beware and always use a top lube for your fleshlight.

If you have a super sensitive dick, you obviously want to go with something a little gentler. Don’t kid yourselves.

We aren’t mad at ya. By the way, you can always upgrade to a more intense sleeve later. Fleshlight gives its customers a discount for buying sleeves two at a time.

Traveling with a famous Fleshlight isn’t alarming or embarrassing either, due to the company’s international popularity.

So, using something like the compact Quickshot (Vantage or Boost versions) makes perfect sense.

Full-sized toys are usually acceptable as well, but regardless, all of the brand’s toys with SuperSkin material feel so much better after a short “breaking in” period, FYI.