Semenax Review – Can it REALLY Give You a Longer Orgasm?

I tried Semenax. This is what happened!

Rated: #1

Semenax is a natural semen volume pill. That means it boosts your semen production, so when you climax, it’s longer and more intense. I really, very much, enjoyed testing this rather unusual but very effective male enhancement pill!

Use Semenax For:

  • A Longer Climax
  • A More Intense Finish
  • Much Greater Sexual Pleasure
  • An Awesome Sex Life
  • Greater Sexual Intimacy

Semenax Pills Overview:

Semenax is pure debauchery. You can all it a natural semen volume pill, a climax enhancer, a cum pill even – take your pick. The function is the same: Semenax is made with herbals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sexual nutrients that increase your body’s semen production.

This process takes about 3-6 months, with the longer climaxes being noticeable at about 3 weeks. My experience with Semenax was it delivers best results at the 6 months mark.

The company that makes Semenax is known as a pioneer in the male enhancement industry. They make VigRX Plus, which pretty much stands above all the competition among male sex pills.

I’m the first to admit Semenax isn’t the product you take for erection problems – although I did find it helped me get hard quicker. Instead, it’s the product you take to increase your sexual pleasure when it’s time for passion.

This is pure sexual debauchery – and you’re going to love every second of it. Funny how better climaxes seem to do that…


Semenax has a lot going for it, starting with a formula that boosts semen in a way you can’t imagine. It’s clinically proven to make climaxes better too. The many Semenax benefits include:

  • Very Long Climaxes
  • Much More Sexual Pleasure
  • A Powerful Formula
  • Expert Dosage
  • Clinical Proof That it Works
  • A Very Good Reputation
  • Can Combine With VigRX Plus


With the good comes the bad. Having used Semenax for close to a year, I didn’t find many disadvantages with the product. Twist my arm though and the Cons of Semenax include:

  • Takes About 3 Months For Amazing Climaxes
  • Not Available in Stores
  • A Little Pricey

Don’t worry too much about the fact that you’ll need to use Semenax for at least 3 months to really get those Earth-shattering climaxes. Semenax is a male enhancement supplement – all of which take at least that long to build up in your system to deliver the results you want.

Semenax Formula – What’s in the Product:

A male enhancement supplement is only as good as the ingredients within it. That’s just a start – it needs to be dosed at the right amounts so you actually benefit from those ingredients and hit the results the supplement says it does.

That’s not a problem with Semenax. It’s made by the same company that makes VigRX Plus, which is a noted expert in the male physiology and has two decades of experience making male enhancement products that bring it in a very enjoyable way.

The Semenax Ingredients:

Swedish Flower – This helps with virility and is rich in micro-nutrients that help the male reproductive system.

L Arginine – Studies link this amino acid to twice as much semen production, and better sperm function as well.

L Lysine – This is another amino acid. It boosts sperm, semen quality and helps to increase testosterone.

Epimedium Sagittatum – Epimedium helps boost semen along with sex drive. That’s one of the reasons its other name is ‘Horny Goat Weed’.

Butea Superba – This is a powerful sexual herb from Thailand that’s long been used to increase sex drive and stamina.

L Carnitine – L Carnitine is an amino acid found in high concentrations within healthy sperm. Studies show it helps sperm move more efficiently.

Clinical Study:

Here’s another place that Semenax shines. A two month study of men between 30 and 60 found that guys taking Semenax enjoyed better orgasm intensity by the study’s conclusion compared to men who took a placebo.

The product works. Science shows it – and I can personally vouch for the climax intensity. The Semenax climax is beyond description. It’s longer and crazy intense. Frankly, it’s something you need to try for yourself.


More good news. You won’t have to sell your first-born to put that amazing climax in your bedroom. One bottle of Semenax is $60. That’s good – although it gets a lot better with a higher package, and more money saved.

A 3 Month Supply of Semenax is just $155, and that saves you a nice $85 off the price of a one month supply. Six Months is $290 (saving you $191) and a year of Semenax is just $400, and a cool $560 in savings put back in your pocket.

I recommend you buy a Semenax package of at least 6 Months, and preferably a year, for several reasons. First, you’ll save a lot more money that way. Second, the 6 Month and Year Packages both come with Free Shipping anywhere on the planet.

Have you seen the cost of shipping these days? That alone is reason to buy a package of at least 6 Months.

Third, you’ll probably need between 3 and 6 Months to hit your best Semenax results and enjoy those amazing climaxes. Don’t throw that away after just 3 months – opt for a 6 Month or Year Supply of Semenax and you’ll be a very happy dude in the bedroom.

My General Opinion:

How can I hook Semenax up to my arm?

Kidding aside, Semenax is an excellent product. It is definitely the best natural semen volume supplement and one of the best male enhancement pills of any kind. The formula pops, it’s dosed very well, and that climax…

You NEED to try that for yourself.

Semenax has an excellent reputation in the male enhancement industry for quality and customer service. There’s a 67 day money back guarantee and the value is excellent.

Here’s another way to look at it. Buy Semenax for the best climax you can imagine. The many other things that are great about it are a bonus. And if you really want a crazy amazing sex life, combine Semenax with VigRX Plus. You’ll have a bigger erection, more sex AND a climax that sets off the Richter Scale each time you do it. Yes, I definitely recommend that.