X4 Labs Review: Is It The Top Extender On The Market?

Being blessed with the ideal penis can make life so much easier. Dating is suddenly a cinch; masturbation is almost always a pleasure and exhibition is a real possibility. But for many men in the modern world, an inadequately sized and shaped dick is what’s holding them back from living their best lives. Back in the day, guys would just have to deal with whatever God gave them. These days, however, dudes finally have a way to increase the size and improve the shape of their honorary members – all without swallowing pills or undergoing painful surgeries in the process.

The world’s first penis extenders were basically just complex cock pullers with fancy and expensive components. Those rudimentary contraptions with their overly complicated designs and unimpressive functionalities ended up turning many hopeful men away from the industry. So, a handful of contemporary manufacturers started trying hard to win back their loyalties by producing devices that used scientific research instead of market savvy in their designs. What happened next was truly revolutionary.

Amidst all the options arose a few penis extending machines that were obviously different in several ways, one of which was the X4 Labs new device that apparently guarantees results or your money back. And since things like that are extremely rare in this market, I just had to give it a try being as there was no risk involved. Plus, I needed to find out how the manufacturer managed to stay in business if they’re constantly giving people their cash back.

What Is the X4 Labs Extender?

The X4 Labs Penis Extender is a penile improvement device that utilizes proven traction therapy to increase the length and girth of the wearer’s genitalia. It’s made for men of all starting sizes and experience levels, with numerous different models available for various goals and medical conditions. For instance, the manufacturer separates their inventory into two main categories: Enlargement Extenders and Curvature Correction, meaning consumers can fully customize their device to perform the exact job they want it to without forfeiting comfort or effectiveness. And according to the manufacturer, comfort is the key to penis stretching because most men won’t even bother with a device that causes them pain.

How It Works

Each device in the X4 Labs lineup is unique, but they all operate under the same basic principles. Using gentle tension that gets applied gradually over time, the wearer’s penis thereby increases significantly in length and girth. Each device option offers a wide variety of accessories and add-ons (some of which need to be purchased separately). However, even the less equipped packages are crafted to provide quick and painless results in as little time as possible. Hailed as the world’s coziest take-home penis enlargement product, the overall design is simple, inviting and obviously effective enough for the manufacturer to essentially give it away for free.

The contraption works by housing the entire penile shaft inside an open-ended, ergonomic, skin-safe chamber with several customizable fitting slots. Traction is then applied manually but held in place automatically by the various security straps and clasps on the device. To ensure the most positive outcome, a variety of growth supporting accessories such as training videos, penis enhancement supplements, and progress trackers are included as part of the package.

Furthermore, the X4 Labs Penis Extension lineup is appropriate for all penis sizes, although a few additional purchases may have to be made to accommodate extra-large dicks. For example, the maker offers Quad Support and Wide Girth Base add-ons for each of their devices, making it easier for men who fall on either side of the spectrum to enjoy improvements downstairs as well. Essentially, this thing is ideal for every man and promises results to us all – guys with a micro-penis, men with Peyronie’s Disease, circumcised and uncircumcised penises, you name it.

What Comes in the Box?

The items you get with your purchase depend on the package you decide to buy. The company makes six different enlargement extenders and four distinct curvature correctors. Here’s how they all break down:

The Enlargement Extenders

  • The Patriot Limited Edition – You get it all
  • The Luxury Gold Edition – Top of the line
  • The Anniversary Comfort Edition – Best-seller
  • The Extreme Premium Edition – Staff pick
  • The Premium Standard Edition – Great value
  • The Deluxe Value Edition – The basics

The Curvature Correctors

  • The Peyronie’s Ultimate Edition
  • The Peyronie’s Gold Edition
  • The Peyronie’s Special Edition
  • The Peyronie’s Limited Edition

Each of the different packages, whether for enlargement or straightening, comes with everything you need to start increasing the length, girth and/or shape of your penis right away. Also, they include a storage container, cleaning supplies, instructional manuals, motivational DVDs and complimentary memberships to PenisAccess – an informational platform full of useful tips and tricks to help make your experience more successful.

My Experience With X4 Labs Extender

Every penis extender is different, which means the experience will vary depending on several factors. I like to keep things as objective as possible. So, I use the same criteria to judge all devices that come in contact with my dick. Here’s how the X4 Labs inventory stacks up to the competition:

  • The Dimensions

Because this device gives you so many fitting options, it’s almost impossible for it not to feel comfortable no matter who you are. Between the many slots for the adjustable straps, the memory foam inserts, and the secure Velcro fasteners that keep everything in place, this thing hardly ever moves (even when you wear it under your clothes or to bed at night). I do suggest, however, carefully considering the tension strength and package contents before settling on something from the X4 Labs inventory because each device will render a different sensation and end result.

  • The Materials

Everything on this device is made from industry-leading, medical-grade materials such as thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The manufacturer gives you a supply of cleaning agents and enlargement lubricants too, but your basic water-based lube and non-abrasive cleanser should work just fine. Either way, there’s no chance of an allergic reaction or skin irritation with this thing because it’s all hypoallergenic craftsmanship.

  • The Functionality

The device itself is relatively easy to put on and take off, especially if you’re already familiar with how most penis extenders operate. You even get a free penis pump to help quickly increase the size and thickness of your penis between extender sessions. Overall, it’s one of the most functional and user-friendly devices this side of the Mississippi, and it doesn’t hurt that the manufacturer offers a complete refund if it doesn’t work.

  • The Effectiveness

I used my X4 Labs penis extender for about three weeks before I was able to see any noticeable results. However, there was a few comments by my partner about an increase in girth within the first week or so. I opted for the Deluxe Value Edition because I wasn’t sure about the product and didn’t want to invest too much money. Maybe next time I’ll go for a higher-end device and see how my luck turns out.

The Pros and Cons

Regardless of who makes it or how much of your money they’re willing to return when it doesn’t work, buying a penis extender is a big investment that requires knowledge, research and plenty of due diligence. Understand that there’s no such thing as a perfect product. However, by carefully examining the pros and cons of each device you can determine which one is “perfect” for you and/or your partner(s). Here’s what you need to know about the penis extension devices from X4 Labs:


  • Includes a wide variety of accessories and comfort items
  • Uses proven traction to stimulate natural penile growth
  • Comes with a powerful penis pump
  • Appropriate for circumcised and uncircumcised penises
  • May be used by men with Peyronie’s disease
  • Can accommodate all genital sizes
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Cannot treat erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • May be too complicated for beginners
  • Does not provide immediate results

The Final Verdict

Gone are the days of ineffective contraptions that do little more than stretch the skin of your dick. Put down the penis pumps and stop swallowing pills. If you’re not using those products alongside a traction-controlled penis extender, you’re doing it wrong. X4 Labs apparently understands that, which is probably why their devices come with all three. The contents of each package alone are enough to explain the confidence behind the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.

There are countless penis extension devices available on the modern-day market, with numerous models designed specifically for every experience level. The X4 Labs collection can be somewhat intimidating to beginners because of the massive stash of accessories included but taken at face value it’s a well-rounded product that offers its user plenty of room to grow and explore the possibilities. The manufacturer even offers an incentive that helps certain consumers get their device for free. The deal may not be going on for long, so be sure to check out the official website for more information about it.