The Fleshlight Girls Nipple Alley, Inspired by Riley Steele

Riley Steele, one of the three “Riley’s” in the Fleshlight Girls lineup, has been turning heads in both the civilian and porn worlds since her debut. Recently voted “Best New Starlet,” Ms. Steele is notorious for transforming flaccid dicks into rock-hard cocks using her classical beauty, remarkable sexual prowess, and an insanely tight pussy. Thanks to her collaboration with one of the best sexy toy companies in the biz, the average Joe can get closer than ever to actually fucking her.

Although she won’t be showing up to your house with a wet pussy anytime soon, getting inside her taunt ass is still a possibility (as long as you don’t mind playing pretend). Fortunately, the Fleshlight folks have done a kickass job of capturing that which has made Ms. Steele one of the industry’s favorite performers. Like all the other Fleshlight Girls toys, the Nipple Alley model is expertly molded to look and feel exactly like Riley does. In our opinion, that’s probably better than doing her in real life. At least then, you don’t have to deal with all the complaining about your lack of stamina.

What Makes the Nipple Alley Different?

While the Nipple Alley is made by the same manufacturer as all the other Fleshlight Girls toys in the lineup, it features numerous differences that make it stand out among the rest. Using the famed SuperSkin material patented by the brand, Riley’s tantalizing texture comes to life. Based primarily on the insanely popular “Speed Bump” texture, this toy has tiny nipple-like nodes which rest atop the many uniform bumps that run down the inside of the sleeve, stimulating every inch of the penis along the way.

What Does It Feels Like?

We imagine that fucking the real Riley Steel would be beyond amazing. After all, she gets paid to do what she does. But since none of us will ever have the opportunity, fucking the Nipple Alley is the closest we’ll ever get. With that said, this thing feels like a delicate dick exfoliator, and it kind of tickles. It provides consistent stimulation to the entire shaft, and it has a very welcoming opening as well. In other words, Ms. Steele has a very pretty pussy.

The Pros and Cons

This golf caddy-turned-porn star did the whole world a service when she chose her profession. Then, she made history when she molded her vagina for our humping pleasure. Albeit sexy and well-made, our picky asses still found a few faults in the overall design of the Fleshlight Girls Nipple Alley. But first, let’s talk about the shit we liked:


  • 2 Million People Can’t Be Wrong – We can see why the “Speed Bump” texture is so beloved by the public. It gives off a smooth, massaging sensation, plus its continual – not like the others that give the shaft a sweet surprise with every thrust.
  • Men in Uniform – The unchanging sleeve texture has another bonus too; the chamber has the same tightness from beginning to end, making masturbation much easier.
  • Keep It Real – Like all the other Fleshlight Girls toys, this one is also made from the brand’s hyper-realistic-feeling material.


  • Stuck in the Middle with You – Because the SuperSkin material can get tacky without lube, long-lasting masturbation sessions can get a bit cumbersome if the proper measures aren’t taken.
  • Dirty Girl – Although the Fleshlight brand does its best to make each toy easy to clean, this particular model is somewhat difficult to maintain due to its sleeve’s abundance of nooks and crannies.
  • Hard to Handle – Fleshlight toys are all ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and use, but we will get an arm cramp halfway through because of the thing’s massive weight.

Our Final Verdict

It would be out of character for us to make it through an entire toy review without at least one complaint. However, we’re aware that the qualms we had with the Nipple Alley were frivolous and easily remedied. For example, the tackiness of the material is fixed with a good water-based lube, and properly cleaning the thing only requires submerging it in water (which it totally safe). Then again, maybe we’re just a bunch of spoiled dickheads who want our toys to quietly fuck us, clean themselves up, and then leave with dignity. Can you blame us?